version 4.4.0

This program extracts text from Glulx or Z-code files, such as interactive fiction or text adventure games created by the Inform compiler. It also knows about TADS 2 and 3, and can look inside Blorb and ZIP files.

To use it, drag a .gblorb, .zblorb, .t3, .z5, .z8, .gam, .ulx, .zip, or other story file from your computer onto these words, or click the button above to open a file chooser. Note that the results will not be perfect: some meaningless strings of letters may also appear, and some in-game text might not appear.

This program does not use or require a network connection. Ask your browser to save this page as an .html file to make it easier to use offline.

For more information about what this is for and how it works, see the GitHub repository.