Jacques's Guide to ShuffleComp 2015

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Hi there!

So, I recently entered a game in ShuffleComp 2015, which is sort of a game jam type contest thing for interactive fiction inspired by songs contributed by other entrants, and now I'm playing all the games, and wow, they're really good. You should definitely try all seventeen of them!

If that sounds daunting, fear not: this very guide might be just the thing to help you get started.

Simply answer a few questions to get a full list of games with the ones that might interest you more closer to the top. The interrogation process is carefully designed to be relatively painless and spoiler-free. Remember, you can bail out at any time and see a list whose order is based on the questions you've answered so far.

Note that your answers affect the ordering in ways that depend on my opinions, and I am totally biased, so watch out! You may instead prefer to request a completely unbiased but somewhat less personalized list.

The choice is yours!



P.S. If you have questions or suggestions or comments or complaints please feel free to email me at zaphod@toastball.net.