Welcome to toastball.net

Unfortunately, my explanation of what a "toastball" is turned into this rambling entry on my blog which, for some reason, doesn't seem to be hosted on toastball.net at all. Very strange!

The most interesting and useful thing to be found on this site is a software project called toast, also mentioned in the above blog post.

My main excuse for writing this at all is that I just updated my resume and I'm a bit scared that potential employers might stumble across this page. Which, at the time of this writing (October 2009), hasn't been updated in about a decade. Of course, I'm about to replace it, so instead of seeing all that embarassing old content, you're reading this embarassing new content. Phew! That was a close one, wasn't it?

We have time for a few questions, I think.

What does the Perl script do?

What, you're afraid to run it? Don't worry. It's harmless. In fact it doesn't do anything anymore. It used to do something (5 points if you can tell me what), but then bitrot set in. There's a moral to this story (worth 10 points).

How about page 3?

You know, I think it might actually be trying to flirt with you.


I know! Good thing I took it down, huh?

Well, looks like that's all the time we have today. Thanks for reading!